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Physiological analysis of smooth muscle function

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Analysis technique

Organ bath system: isometric tension measurement in smooth muscle tissue
Single cell patch clamp recording in smooth muscle cells

Available cells or tissues

Acutely isolated smooth muscle cells: rodent aortic or mesenteric artery cells, guinea pig intestinal cells, rodent uterine cells etc.
Smooth muscle tissues: rodent aortic or mesenteric artery tissue, guinea pig intestinal tissue, rodent uterine tissue etc.

Available analyses

  • Analysis of neuroeffector or electric field stimulation-evoked isometric smooth muscle contraction by measuring isometric tension

  • Analysis of various voltage-gated ion channels e.g. Ca+, Na+, K+, Cl- ion channels etc. using voltage clamp mode

  • Analysis of membrane excitability by measuring alteration of membrane potential and action potential firing etc. using current clamp mode.

  • Analysis of various ligand-gated ion channels e.g. TRP, ASIC channels etc.

Evaluation of drug efficacy using organ bath system in vascular or uterine smooth muscle tissue


Evaluation of drug efficacy using single channel patch clamp recording in uterine smooth muscle cells

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