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Platform & Tech

Electrophysiological and behavioral analysis of pain and itch

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Analysis technique

Extracellular recording (single primary afferent, spinal cord)
Patch clamp recording (dorsal root ganglion neuron, trigeminal ganglion neuron, spinal cord slice etc.)
Behavior testing

Available disease models

Chronic and acute pain models

Inflammatory pain : CFA, carrageenan and other various inflammatory mediators etc.
Neuropathic pain : spinal nerve ligation (SNL), chronic constriction injury (CCI), diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy-induced neuropathy etc.

Chronic and acute itch models

Histamine, 5-HT, atopic dermatitis-induced chronic itch, dry skin-induced chronic itch etc.

Available analyses


  • Single fiber recording (ex vivo, skin-nerve preparation)

  • Single spinal cord recording (in vivo, wide dynamic range (WDR) neuron)

  • Patch clamp with dorsal root ganglion or trigeminal ganglion neuron

  • Patch clamp with spinal cord slice (excitatory and inhibitory synaptic function)

Behavior testing

  • Non-evoked pain by measuring lifting, licking and shaking of hind paw

  • Mechanical sensitivity using von Frey filaments

  • Thermal sensitivity using Hargreaves apparatus (heat) and acetone (cold)

  • Itch (cheek assay or back skin) / Discrimination between itch and pain


Evaluation of drug efficacy using behavioral testing in inflammatory pain and itch model


Evaluation of drug efficacy using spinal cord (WDR neuron) recording in neuropathic pain model

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