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Platform & Tech

Physiological analysis of heart function

Analysis technique

Langendorff heart (isolated perfused heart assay)

Intracellular recording with cultured heart cell

Single cell patch clamp recording with cultured heart cell

Available cells or tissues

Acutely isolated cardiomyocytes of rabbit, rat or mouse
(cultured heart cells or whole heart)

Available analyses

  • Analysis of LVDP (left ventricular developed pressure), heart rate, systolic aortic pressure, aortic overflow volume, coronary flow volume, cardiac output and ECG (electrocardiography) etc.

  • Analysis of ion channel activity or membrane excitability by whole-cell voltage and current clamp technique using acutely isolated cardiomyocyte cells

  • Measurement and analysis of various voltage-gated ion channels e.g. Ca+, Na+, K+, Cl- ion channels etc.

  • Analysis of membrane excitability by measuring alteration of membrane potential and action potential firing using current clamp mode (e.g. action potential duration: APD90) etc.


Evaluation of drug efficacy using Langendorff system in atrial fibrillation animal model


Evaluation of drug efficacy by analyzing K+ or Ca+ current in cultured heart cell (patch clamp)


Evaluation of drug efficacy by measuring APD90 in atrium tissue of human atrial fibrillation patient (patch clamp)

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