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Platform & Tech

Behavioral tests for the assessment of cognitive function

Analysis technique


Available disease models

Degenerative brain diseases (Alzheimer) : Confirming the effect of improving drug cognitive function through behavioral experiments

Decision making systema behavioral experiment platform

  - Evaluation of drug efficacy using Head fixation & O-maze test in Alzheimer disease model

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Degenerative brain diseases (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD)
- Evaluation of drug efficacy using learned helplessness test in foot shock PTSD model

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Available analyses

  • Learning and Memory: fear conditioning, Morris water maze, object recognition, active avoidance, passive avoidance etc.

  • Locomotor activity and Exploration: open-field test etc.

  • Anxiety and Depression: elevated-plus maze, tail suspension, forced swimming, learned helplessness, open-field test etc.

  • Sensory motor and Coordination: rotarod test etc.

  • Video tracking

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